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Festival of Life is a charity organisation that is largely supported by its partners. The goal of the General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye is to spread the gospel across the world and the Festival of Life is one of the avenues to achieve this vision. Festival of Life Partners play a vital role to the success of the events as they contribute largely to the various Festival of Life events across UK.

Partners' FAQ

Q: How do I become a Partner?
A: Simply fill out a form at any of the events or call the Festival of Life office on 02088307257 to request for a standing order form.

Q: How do the Partners contribute to the events?
A: Festival of Life Partners make monthly donations to fund the various events in UK and also support with prayers; visit the partnering page on the top menu to learn more

Q: How do I change my personal details such as name, contact details, address or telephone number on the Festival of Life database?
A: Please contact the office on 02088307257 to effect the change or visit the website to fill out a form and click submit

Q: I do not receive any correspondence or have stopped receiving correspondence from the Festival of Life
A: It is possible that the contact detail we have on our database is out of date, hence the mails are being sent to your previous address. Please contact the office to update your records.

Q: I will like to increase my contribution to the Festival of Life
A: Please contact your bank or use the online banking system to effect the change (and this will invariably reflect in the next Festival of Life bank statement)

Q: I need the Festival of Life bank account details to contribute directly to it. A: Please contact the Festival of Life office to get this information Still have more questions not listed here, please call the Festival of Life team on 02088307257 or email us with your enquiries on

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