While there are more important things in life, we all want to look our best at all times and this lady found that this was something she no longer had control over. Following the diagnosis of a benign tumour on her right jaw bone, she lost her jawbone with nine teeth and had to have it replaced by a plastic implant which failed and resulted in extreme pain. It was soon clear that the only solution was reconstructive surgery in the USA or the UK but despite finding a doctor willing to operate in the USA, getting a visa was not so easy and she was rejected. Deteriorating on a daily basis, she began to become unrecognisable. She kept trying and was able to get a medical visa to the UK but previous attempts to leave the country had depleted all her funds so she arrived in the UK with no funds just huge faith. At Festival of Life, the General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye had a word from God: ‘The Lord said you have a physical reproach that cannot go unnoticed when people see you, but the LORD asked me to tell you that HE’LL restore you even better that before.’ The lady believed this word was for her and held on to it. When the GO said to ask God for something before the next FOL event, she asked for reconstructive surgery. Although not without it’s challenges, by the next FOL she was recovering from her second operation for reconstructive surgery. God is faithful!
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