December is an interesting month for so many people, for the young kids especially. It’s a month where children and adults look forward to Christmas. Children look forward to gifts, adults look forward to presents from work, husband and wife surprise each other and the entire family looks forward to spending time together. Part of that excitement is when children run to the door when letters and parcels are dropped through the door flap by the post or delivery man, their face filled with joy and excitement. Such joy was the testimony of a lady, married with children and had been believing God for many year for permanent residence for her family. She did not want to spend another Christmas with uncertainty. She and her husband had applied several times for permanent residency for the family for few years, and each application had been declined.
At one of the April event of the Festival of Life, she and husband received by faith pronouncements made by the Pastor Adeboye. And with prayer and fasting, they resubmitted their application in July.
At the October event, Pastor Adeboye asked the congregation to ask for three things from God as Christmas presents. For this lady, their application was one of the three things.
On the 6th of December, there was a knock on the door, it was a delivery man with a parcel, in it was the entire family’s passport with their indefinite leave to remain.
Can God answer prayer through the mail box? Well I leave you to experience your own testimony.
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