Children are a blessing from God and like most new parents, this couple were excited and thrilled at the birth of their first child, a daughter who they aptly named Ebunoluwa (a gift from God). Although born at full term, their daughter was born with respiratory problems (was breathing really fast) and a biopsy showed her life span would be limited. Believing that God had a better plan for her, the couple went to Festival of Life expecting a miracle, their visit was for one purpose and one purpose only,for God to heal her. The General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye spoke about healing for children and he specifically said ‘There is someone here who is breathing is very fast, the Lord has given you a new set of lungs.’ Shocked, yet excited by what they were hearing, the couple obeyed Pastor Adeboye’s next instruction which was to raise their hands while he blessed them so they could lay their hands on their daughter. Wasting no time, the couple went straight to the hospital to lay hands on their daughter and hold on to the word that God had given her a new set of lungs.
A further biopsy showed, to the doctors amazement, that there was nothing wrong with her respiratory system. God had healed her!

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